Canada National Saint Kateri Shrine

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One year today we almost lost Kateri. It was an ordinary morning in our house- 5 am wake up, breakfast shortly after, and then we were going to head to Montreal on pilgrimage and visit St. Kateri and St. Andre with some of the CCO gang.
Kateri inhaled almond pieces. They went down her trachea, into the bronchial tube, blocking the right side of her lungs. (See picture). We didn’t know anything was wrong because she also had a cough that morning.
We fed her, she was breathing, we noticed weezing. We did the Heimlich maneuver and went to our friends & neighbours. Our neighbor (a former nurse) told us to go to the children's hospital.
Kateri stayed calm in car seat. The almond didn't move. (Later we learned how bad it was by how deep the almond piece was. It would have been dangerous if it had moved).
En route to the hospital, the van started to vibrate, the tire was shredding forming a huge bulge, shaking back and forth. Jeremy said to the Lord, you need to take the wheel. I will drive on the rim of I need to. Jesus takes the wheel came to mind.
When Jeremy arrived at the emergency room they immediately rushed him with a team of people because of how bad it was. They could tell just by looking at her chest (We had no idea)
The Operating Room team was ready and about to go into a scheduled surgery. They literally were getting a patient. Because Kateri was an emergency, she became the highest priority, she went into a prepared and ready OR team and space immediately.
Jeremy didn't pass out while holding her (Jeremy normally passes out in hospitals), they gave her anesthetic and put her on the operating table.
Later, our family doctor, told us the surgeon that was there happened to be the best Ear-Nose-Throat surgeon in Ontario operating on Kateri.
Complication of surgery:
There are 3 teams ready in case anything goes wrong.
Kateri never had anesthetic before. Normally, they put it down the breathing tube in case she reacts. They can't because that's where it's lodged. We asked for prayer that the lung/trachea doesn't collapse, and she doesn't puke.
During the emergency surgery, some of the pilgrimage gang so happened to arrive at St. Kateri’s shrine/tomb on this day.
One friend started praying at the tomb, asking for St Kateri’s prayer, for little Kateri right now. They had a strong sense of St. Kateri’s presence with your daughter as a friend and protector in the operating room.
Others asked for prayers to St. Gianna (a doctor now Saint)
Others asked for prayers from Mary, Jesus’ Mom
Another shared at 11:20, I see Jesus telling a little girl Kateri to get up.
Another prayed and saw St. Kateri holding hands with Jeremy and extending her hand in prayer over Kateri on the operating table.
Another saw her beckon St. Francis Xavier to come and pray. He traced sign of cross on her forehead.
Another saw Jesus come in on the other side of the room and smiling came to Kateri - reassuring smile. "arise little girl " he said.
Another saw St Augustine. Holding Kelly’s hands as you were praying. He was strong and reassuring too.
At the very moment I (one of the friend’s) stood up while at her tomb, a man approached and he was bringing St. Kateri’s relic out for us to venerate and ask for prayers. Its was St. Kateri’s rib. The friend got the sense that she will take care of Kateri’s lung
A ship went past us in the shrine between us and the oratory in the distance. The words: FEARLESS. With the Lord, there is nothing to fear.
The surgery was successful and they removed 6 almond pieces.
From her surgery, Saturday afternoon, we then had to watch for:
Infection in case extra pieces are in her esophagus.
Swelling. They spent a lot of time in her lungs and it will be sore.
Pneumonia. She's at risk

The rest of Saturday involved us praying and watching our little girl. Our hearts grateful for all the prayer and support from the community, and the Father’s consolation in taking care of Kateri and protecting her from death, and surrendering our fear to Jesus of what could be still.

Early Sunday morning, we hit some bad news with Kateri. We started praying and reaching out for prayer for the following:
930am: Kateri isn't progressing as fast with her breathing. It didn’t appear her tubes can come out today which leads to other complications.

Our prayer intentions that morning were:

If her tubes come out today that she doesn't vomit. If that does into her longs, infection sets in.
Pray if there are any remnants of the almond, they appear in the examinations.
Pray and cast out inflection. This could then lead to Pneumonia.
The problem was that she is having a harder time breathing. Lots of mucus. They see it's not almonds so it's most likely Pneumonia caused by aggravation from surgery and a cold.
The right lung is collapsed.

Providence and the Father taking care of us:
No almonds remaining in lungs
We had an all star nurse. She was wise and experienced. We invited her to pray with us and she was all for it. She gave us space to invite the Holy Spirit into our room, inviting a miracle, invite Jesus to heal. We invited the Father into our part of Kateri and our hearts. The nurse then shared that let our hopes for Kateri today be our prayer intentions. (show picture)

In the early afternoon an important decision had to be made. Kateri was still heavily sedated (see picture) and wasn’t progressing. They had judgement call to make- either they take the tube out of her and see if the body will respond positively responding well to breathing on her own and filling the collapsed lung or she won’t and they will risk having to put the tube back in (which involved immediate response of many teams of people for her breathing). There was risk of her throwing up while tube coming out which is serious for infection.

They decided to go for it and at 2:30pm they started the physio of her chest/lungs.

At 3pm. The tube process started.

And 3pm was a turning point in Kateri! Many people were praying at this moment, inviting the Father in and surrendering Kateri to the Father. 3pm was also the hour of Divine Mercy. It’s the hour that Jesus died on the cross for us, giving us himself as bridge for us to get to heaven. If we say yes to His invitation of relationship, we can cross that bridge.
And here’s the cool thing- yes we want Kateri to have that relationship with Jesus. It’s changed my life. It’s changed Jeremy’s life. It’s the reason we had so much peace as we saw our daughter on the operating table. Jesus was for us, not against us, and that whatever happened, it would be ok.
At 3pm I believe a river of grace from Heaven crossed that bridge Jesus gave us, and flooded that hospital room. The Father loves us so much and wants to be part of our lives but He won’t come unless He’s invited. We invited Him, we asked others for help to pray for Kateri. Look at what happened in the next 26 hours: Heaven invaded earth. The Father is never outdone in His love for us.
Within an hour
Tube is out! She was so fiesty which is awesome because big breaths, coughing and it engaged her system and collapsed lung getting better.

Our next prayer intentions were these:

Next prayer intentions:
1. Pray for her breathing. She still has to work to breathe.
2. Pray to decrease the oxygen.
3. She needs to sleep.
4. For the infection, virus, swelling to leave
5. Bowel and urine movements

At 4:36pm:
The nurse just said, "this crazy. She sounds so good."

At 6pm
They took her off assisted breathing
the nurse just came in and shared.So I saw the doc that was part of the team pop her head in but no one was her except me and baby. She said outloud to no one, "where's the tube." Then she went looking for our nurse and asked her how they moved so fast. The nurse explained. The doc replied, "this makes no sense that she is improving this quickly."The nurse replied, "it's a Christian family and half of Ottawa is praying for this baby."The doc replied, "Well that is the only explanation." and walked away.
All glory to God. All Glory in the Highest. Praise Jesus! I say these words weeping overwhelmed happy tears.

At 6:05, a friend, unaware of the St. Kateri connection that others had shared with us shared a story about St. Kateri healing Pneumonia.

7pm: She peed a ton. Packed back an apple sauce and water. They had been worried all day about having to put a catheter in because she wasn’t peeing enought.

Next morning (Monday):
8am: no wires for monitoring. Eating in a high chair. Had a bowel movement
They can't believe her recovery here... even getting the highchair was funny because they never need a highchair here... and for discharging home they're all admitting they're rusty at it because it never happens where a child goes from ICU to home.
Leaving Hospital final intentions
For the last part of Kateri's lung to uncollapse.
For the virus she has to heal, likely has Pneumonia.
For her throat and soreness to heal.
For Jer an I to have a quick recovery.
Show pic of 5pm

2 days later at the Wednesday Doctor report:
Jeremy just go back from Kateri's follow up appt and she has a clean bill of health. The doctor shared that if she didn't see the report on the weekend she wouldn't be able to tell anything happened.
No Pneumonia
No collapsed lung
Everything is clear.

Our kids were taken care of the whole weekend, with minimal trauma. Praise God! Thank you!

So how does one interpret all things things. There is for sure medical explanations for a lot but then we saw, the doctor saw, the nurses saw, that some things can’t be explained in Kateri’s story. And that even a doctor said, the only way Kateri’s story makes sense is because of prayer.

Raise a hallelujah!!!

Here’s our take at sharing what we saw was extraordinary:

Pre surgery miracles:

-because of the depth of the almond in Kateri, it was very dangerous. The hospital crew said we were very lucky Kateri didn’t cry on the 30 minute drive to the hospital or in the house to lodge it deeper. (Miracle #1)

We saw the hand of the Father in Kateri’s swiftness and recovery

We saw there were key players operating on Kateri (the specialised surgeon), the experienced nurse on duty for the oppprtune timing of taking out the tube

Prophetic word late Sunday night sharing how St. Kateri through her prayers has healed Pneumonia. Then the doctors sharing Kateri had pneumonia and by Weds gone.

The powerful senses to be fearless, courageous, confident in the power of God and that Heaven can come invade earth. The Father is bound by nothing. Natural order has nothing
Hour of mercy, the timing of Jesus’s death, His gift of LOVE, when He made a bridge to Heaven for us, is when Kater’s tube came out.

The pilgrimage crew praying for Kateri at St. Kateri’s shrine at the very time of her surgery.

In case of doubt, there's proof of spiritual team at every crucial point: surgery (Kateri’s shrine),, tube taken out (hour of Divine Mercy), doctor check point on Weds - Pneumonia gone. Then the sense in prayer from 2 people that during Kateri’s surgey, Jesus was saying Little girl rise and she got up smiling. Look at Kateri at 5pm.

And a shout out to our guardian angels. They did their job! Thank you Jesus!

And if that’s not enough, one week later a co-worker came up to Jeremy at work and said I just heard about Kateri, how is she doing. Jeremy then told our story and the co-worker said this...On Sunday, September 1st, 2019, I was in Windsor for the Melkite Catholic Convention. We got to take some time with "The Inexhaustible Chalice Icon" and pray for ourselves, our families, friends. During my first time with the Icon, I prayed for my family and friends and felt that the Lord was healing people. I had this overwhelming peace fill me.

So then after lunch and a bit of activities, around 3 pm. I felt like I wanted to go back into the Church and pray in front of the image again. I didn't know why other than I wanted more time with the image. I also felt the same feeling as before, that He was healing someone and that Mother Mary was providing protection.

We have a heavenly team with us always- the Angels are protecting us constantly and are sent by Jesus to do just that. The Saints, Mary and Joseph- they have walked the walk we are on and are on standby wanting to help us on this pigrimage to heaven. They are our friends. What we learned is that the Saints that were with us on the journey we have friendship with. They are praying for us and are part of our daily home lives. Mary is our Mom, she’s always taking care of us. Jesus, He is everything. He has our hearts and our life. He leads us to his Father and died for us to get there. This is where we belong is Heaven. And they will do what it takes for us to get there. Heaven isn’t bound by the laws of nature. We see that HE is the source of life and can heal it. The Father loves us and wants us to be with Him. He is for us and not against.

Today if you’re inspired by Kateri’s story, and want that same relationship with Jesus then here’s a way to start talking to Him

Hi Jesus!

I really want you to be part of my life. I don’t know how to get that, but if it’s as easy as asking, I want that. I give you my heart. I surrender my life to you. I want you to be at the center of my life. I might be a little scared but if Kateri’s story is true, I know you are for me and not against me. You love me. I want to know that love. I give you my life Jesus.

The pictures you see below:

1. When our friends arrived at the Shrine, someone walked up to them and asked of they would like to pray with it. This was the exact time as Kateri's surgery. (Sat)

2. The wires is a picture of Kateri still on Sunday. She is stillnunder from her surgery at 11am the previous day.

3. The picture of her lung and how much was blocked by almond.

4. Monday at 5pm back home and walking around. The hospital staff have rarely seen the speed of recovery and discharges from the ER.

So we praise God and thank him for His healing and providence and for St. Kateri's intercession.

Blessings Father!