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From: Kelly R. (Ontario)

Here's a story of Kateri.

It's a story of when Heaven Invaded Earth 2 weeks ago and Kateri's life was Saved
In the ordinary actions of our day extraordinary results can happen.
One year today we almost lost Kateri. It was an ordinary morning in our house- 5 am wake up, breakfast shortly after, and then we were going to head to Montreal on pilgrimage and visit St. Kateri and St. Andre with some of the CCO gang.  One year today we almost lost Kateri..........
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From: R.C. (Montreal, Qc.)

I want to pray to this little Saint in whom I have great confidence to bring an end to the pandemic. I pray with all those who know Saint Kateri and who pay homage to her. Through her intercession, there is reason to firmly believe that she can help us through this global crisis and make our world a better place.

From M.D'A. (Montreal, Qc")

Last year, 2019, I heard of young man who was seriously ill. He's a friend of mine' son. I'm very devoted to Saint Kateri and one time at the Sanctuaire in Kahnawake, I bought the Saint Kateri chaplet. As soon as I heard about the boy, I went to pay a visit to him and his mother. In that occasion, I gave him my Saint Kateri chaplet and I incouraged him to pray for his healing. A couple of months later or so, I received a call from my friend in tears saying that his son was completely healed. 

Thank you Saint Kateri 

From A.L. (Montreal, Qc)

Before knowing Saint Kateri, I was not a praticant Catholic. Although my faith was intact, I had lost interest in going to Church or even praying. The next day of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha Canonization, October 21, 2012, I went to visit Her Tomb which is in the Sanctuary in Kahnawake. I had a strange reaction, I felt lifted up as I was lighter and my soul was unburden. Since then, my complete devotion for Saint Kateri Tekakwitha is solid as is my faith.

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