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Quebec Bridge Disaster

August 29, 2022 marks the 115th anniversary of the fall of the Quebec Bridge, a tragedy that shook our community with grief and sadness. 76 men lost their lives in the fall. Among these men were 26 Canadians, 17 Americans and 33 ironworkers from Kahnawake. Through education, remembrance and celebration, Kahnawake celebrated this tragic yet historic event in a positive way as a testament to the resilience of the Kanienkeha'ka Nation in honor of the fallen men and in tribute to their contribution history to the ironwork industry. A memorial stands in the community for community members and tourists to visit. It is a living memorial that is culturally representative of Kahnawakeron:non and tells the story of the Quebec Bridge and who we are as Kanienke'haka. Today, we continue to remember by telling our story locally, nationally and internationally. Kahnawakeron:non descendant Barbara Diabo presents the story of the Quebec Bridge on Turtle Island through a dance presentation through and possibly documentaries, national and international, tell the story of the Quebec Bridge from the point view of Kahnawake. Telling our story brings a better understanding between nations of our diversity, our culture and our way of life. As the inscription on the memorial indicates, we must never forget and we must continue to tell our story.
"So that we remember all the men we lost, who died in Quebec when the bridge collapsed on August 29, 1907."
By Cathy Rice
  • Commemoration Mass will be on Sunday, August 27, 2023, 10:45
Remembering the 33 ironworkers perished in the Quebec Bridge disaster